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    Inclusive Architecture or Accessible Design

    With varying needs and levels of mobility being a factor, more an more bathroom an kitchen remodels are being done with this concept in mind. Aging parents or family members with disabilities should be included in the design when considering a bathroom and /or kitchen remodel. This is not a new concept to bathroom /kitchen remodel contractors. They have been doing this in public spaces for years. Why should you home be any different? Making your home as comfortable and accessible for those who will be sharing in it should be high on your list of considerations when planning your remodel. It will benefit those with accessibility needs to be more independent when in your home.

    The key challenge for bathroom/kitchen remodeling contractors is that the homeowner wants a functional space, but they want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well.

    H2 Bathroom Remodeling Services of Rock Hill has contractors who can achieve both function and great looking!

    Bathroom Accessibility - H2 Bathroom Remodeling of Rock Hill

    Bathroom Acessibility

    The bathroom is the largest challenge for those with disabilities requiring a wheelchair, simply because they typically tend to be small spaces. Consider expanding the bathroom into an adjacent room to gain more space to work with when remodeling for accessibility needs. Install a curbless shower which allows wheelchairs to roll directly into them. rather than having a tub. These and other options for making your bathroom accessible friendly can be discussed when you discuss your remodel project with a remodeling contractor with H2 Bathroom Remodeling Services of Rock Hill.


    Kitchen Accessibility

    In your kitchen consider removing floor cabinets around the sink as well as have the plumbing moved back against the wall to make space for someone in a wheelchair to roll directly up to the sink. Another consideration might be to move the countertops down a few inches from the standard 36" to allow those with accessibility needs to prepare meals for cooking, Curved countertops or islands make ease of mobility for the wheelchair bound more achievable