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    Glass Shower Doors

    With today's new modern bathroom designs, it is no longer necessary to choose basic and boring to be functional. Glass shower doors open up the bathroom creating a more spacious look and feel. In addition glass shower doors are much easier to keep clean so you will avoid the bacteria, mold and mildew that soil shower curtains. When properly maintained your shower doors can last a lifetime. Glass shower doors are made of thick glass made to stand the test of time. The aesthetic appeal of a a glass shower door id preferred by most who are remodeling their bathroom. There are even frameless shower doors that you never have to worry about hinge corrosion. Glass doors come in several options. Sliding glass doors may be a better option if our bathroom is on the small side as you need enough space for a swinging glass door to open unobstructed. Some sliding glass doors actually hinge from the top somewhat similar to a sliding barn door style. This eliminates the track that usually catches water that sits for a period of time and eventually will becomes nasty and moldy. The contractors at H2 Bathroom Remodeling Services of Rock Hill are well versed in the many ways to install your new glass shower door.

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