• Resurfacing

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    Can't stand your old tub?

    For a more cost effective option to remodel your bathroom or kitchen is to consider resurfacing. Practically any hard surface can be resurfaced or refinished. Starting out with laminate countertops? Laminate can definitely be made to look like stone , quartz and even marble. It is all in the resurfacing product and technique you decide to use. A resurfacing option will definitely be more cost effective when you want that Carrera marble look but can't afford the Carrera marble. When resurfacing it lends itself to continuing the look from kitchen to bathroom. this gives your home a more unified aesthetic appeal. Maybe you love that old clawfoot tub that has been damaged with chips and scratches. Resurfacing the tub gives you the ability to keep the tub you love, but with a beautiful resurfaced finish!

    Old Bath Tub - H2 Bathroom Remodeling of Rock Hill
    Resurfaced Bath Tub - H2 Bathroom Remodeling of Rock Hill
    Versatility of Resurfacing

    Resurfacing the existing hard surfaces, countertops, tubs, tile, etc, means convenience. Your surfaces can get a facelift in just a matter of days rather than having the downtime of weeks or months that come with a complete new build. Durability also comes with resurfacing. Most resurfacing products on the market today are very durable., withstanding heat, water and normal abuse from cleaning products. Your resurfaced areas will last for many years to come. Resurfacing offers you the choice of customization. You can choose specific colors and special techniques that blend different colors together beautifully. This all means that you will get a beautiful finished surface that has a lasting appeal to any room you choose to use it in.

    H2 Bathroom remodeling services of Rock Hill has contractors who specialize in the resurfacing process.