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    There could be several reasons you might want to remodel your bathroom. Maybe, you are just unhappy with it and you think it is just time for a remodel. Whatever the reason may be, H2 Bathroom Remodeling Services of Rock Hill can help you by providing the best professional bathroom and kitchen remodeling contractors in the area!

    Homes experience growing pains, wear and tear over time. One of the first places for the homeowner to see this wear and tear is in the bathroom. Primarily because this room is where there is the most moisture. Moisture from hot water sticks to your painted walls as you are enjoying a steaming shower. If your paint job was not done correctly, you might see paint peeling due to the moisture from steam caused by the hot water. If your bathroom has tile floors and walls, you may begin seeing mold and mildew from the amount of moisture captured inside the room. This can cause safety problems. Mold and mildew can be the root of many health problems.

    If the tiles in your bathroom are smooth they can become safety hazards as they can be very slippery when they get wet. Broken or chipped tiles can also cause some one to trip and fall. We all know a fall in the bathroom can be very serious. There are just too many objects in a small space to avoid when falling in a bathroom.

    Another reason you may want a bathroom remodel is that you have discovered water leakages which will make the floor slippery, in addition to causing the walls to be damp. In this instance the are more than likely plumbing repairs that need to be made.


    As your family grows, there may be the need of additional bathrooms or enlarging an existing one. Some special attention may necessary in order cater to small children, such as adding a smaller tub. An additional necessity may be to make your bathroom handicap accessible. The standard bathroom is not large enough or laid out to cater to some one who is wheelchair bound.


    It could be that you have simply tired of the look of your bathroom since you moved into your home. A new remodel of any room always gives you a new love for that room.

    Did you know that something a small as a remodel of a bathroom can considerably increase your home’s resale value? You have probably heard it said that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. It is true!


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